Burlesque Dance Classes at Ripley Grier Studios

 Next Class is Thursday, September 29th !!  Sign up for the newsletter for the promo code for a special savings! First Class?  Use promo code “First” to save!   Classes are held at Ripley Grier Studios in New York, NY!  The registration video is now available on Vimeo! Click here to learn.  Registration extended for Burlesque class!  Pre-registration required for Thursday’s class!  Register up until 4 pm Wednesday, Sept 29th!

Have a sneak peak into the class!  Yes black and white strobe lights will be used!  Get that real performance feel!  No Experience required just come out and be sexy!

Burlesque Dance Classes With Ms. Tonya

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of Burlesque Dance. Well you have came to the right place. Come join Ms. Tonya at Ripley Grier Studio in New York, NY and learn all you need to know about Burlesque Dance and while your at it, you’ll have a lot of fun. We promise.

The Next Class Begins In

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Check Out the Studio!!!  Classes are held at Ripley Grier Studios located in the heart of the Garment District in New York, NY!!

Student Thoughts

  • Ms. Tonya is such a great dance instructor and a role model for all her students. She really knows her stuff!

    Laura Charette Burlesque Student
  • I'm so impressed with all the skills that Ms. Tonya has when it comes to Burlesque dance. She really taught me a few things.

    Dana Groves Burlesque Student
  • I never thought that getting dance classes could be so affordable and able to work with my budget. I'm really glad I found Ms. Tonya.

    Sara Perry Burlesque Student

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Burlesque Promo Video!

We are shooting our Burlesque Promo Video This Saturday, April 9th 7-8 pm and Sunday, April 7-8th at Ripley Grier Studios!  Stay tuned to see the video!  Have a sneak peak of what a burlesque [...]

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