• Students must sign in online.
  • Online Registration closes one hour before the scheduled start of class*
  • Students must check in downstairs before coming up the elevator
  • No Refunds**
  • Cells phones should be on silent or off during class

Late Policy

We encourage students to arrive on time for class to participate in the “catwalk” our warm up. We do understand that things happen, trains are delayed, running late from a previous appointment etc. We will allow students to enter up to 10 mins after the start of class. For example; if the class starts at 7pm you have until 7:10 pm. After the 10-minute window students will not be allowed in class.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please arrive on time for class
  • Respect your fellow classmates
  • If you do arrive late, please come in quietly and join the rest of the class


Students who sign up for class and do not show up will be charged a $10 no call no show cancellation fee.  Students who are on a class card will be charged for the class, in other words if you are on a 4 class card and you sign up for a class and cannot attend, one of your classes will be deducted.

*If you miss the online one-hour window and would like to attend class, please email info@mstonya.com with your name and phone number, you will be contacted if there is still room available.
**If you are on a class card and miss the class you must email the company at info@mstonya.com. Before the start of the scheduled class. Once your information is received you will be credited back your class and will be able to use it for the next class.  Failure to contact the company within an appropriate amount of time will result in a deduction of your class card.