Actors/Actresses Only

Submissions Are Due by Tuesday, November 29th by 6 pm.  No Exceptions

We are currently looking for roles in our Burlesque Murder Mystery Show premiering on Friday, December 9th at The Muse in Brooklyn.  The show is a combination of acting and burlesque dance technique.  You will NOT be required to do a burlesque dance if you are auditioning as an Actor or Actress only, you will be required to participate in the group dance at the end to the song “Thriller” Do not worry if you do not have dance experience this dance is a beginner level dance.  Please read the following guidelines.  Only those who follow the proper procedure will be offered the chance to perform. Failure to submit your work properly will result in your application being dismissed.


  • You must be able to peform on Friday, December 9th at 9 m at The Muse.  If you annot commit to this date do not apply (serious candidates only)
  • You must be able to attend a group rehearsal if chosen on Sunday, December 4th. The Majority of your lines need to be memorized by this time you cannot wait until last minute to do so the show is next week.
    • Location: TBD
    • TIME: 9 AM -4 PM
  • Applicants must complete the audition form below.  Submitting only through Backstage will have your form dismissed
  • If chosen you must confirm by Wednesday, November 30th by 11 am
  • Compensation: $50 + part of the door

You must meet all the above criteria or DO NOT APPLY. Please do not waste my time or yours.  This is not a time to see if you can do it and decide later on you are not able to participate.  This is for SERIOUS candidates only!


If you meet the guidelines listed above please submit the application below.  We are looking for the following roles:

  • Detective (Male/Female)- this role is more on the serious side.  You will be examining the crime scene and pointing out clues to the audience
  • Big Daddy (Males only)- this character is a very suave ladies man character.  He prides himself on his ability to be charming.  This character will be the main emcee during the show introducing each burlesque act and the first character to introduce to the audience the setting of the play
  • Rich Patron (Males only) – this is a dancing role only.  There is no acting.  We are looking for someone with a strong masculine physique.  You will be doing a striptease.  If you are not comfortable doing this DO NOT APPLY! No Nudity involved. If you are intersted in applying for this role you need to submit your audition form through the “Dancer” page which you can find by clicking here: Dance form

Complete the audition form below by Tuesday, November 29th at 6 pm.  Any forms submitted after this time will not be reviewed. In the message field include which character(s) you would like to audition for also include “why you would be perfect for this role”.  Submit your acting reel or videos or if you do not have video resume  to  Both the audition form and your material need to be submitted by the the deadline or your application will not be viewed.

Audition form