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** Students must register for class ahead of time.  There must be a 3 student minimum sign up by the registration deadline or class is cancelled**

Wednesdays @ The Muse 350 Moffat st, Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Want to see this class come back on Wednesdays? Send an email to info@mstonya.com)

Thursdays @ Ripley Grier Studios 939 8th ave, Studio 3B (9 PM -10 PM) (next class Thursday, November 17th) register by Wednesday, November 16th by 3 pm.

 Saturdays @ Ripley Grier Studios 520 8th ave, 16th Floor room 16M ( 8:00 pm -9:00 pm) (next class is Saturday, November 12th) register by Saturday, November 12th by 4 pm 
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Ladies Only Burlesque Class

Gloves are provided for each student!

Registration is now open!   Sign up today through Dance Studio Pro!  Our online registration system.  You can access the class music, notes, videos, special announcements and more!  Download the app and sign up for classes on your mobile device!

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Here are some costume ideas


Wear leggings and a sexy or cute top, no costume required this is just an example.


You can wear a dress with fish net stockings or boy shorts with a top, heels are NOT required


Does the thought of wearing heels scare you?  Or does it make you excited?  Either way don’t feel pressured to feel uncomfortable! There are different types of heels to consider, but first let me emphasize to work with the heels you know!  For example if you are prone to wearing wedges, then wear wedges!  If you like pumps, then wear pumps. 

Don’t feel obiligated to buy those stripper shoes and you never worn them before!  We don’t want any injuries happening.  I have a list below of different types of heels,  No matter what type of heel you choose you can and will feel sexy, just be yourself and be comfortable is all I ask.

  • Kitten Heels
  • Pumps
  • Stilettos
  • Ankle Strap heels
  • Wedge Heels
  • Cone heels
  • Sling Back heels
  • Platform heels
  • Peep toe heels
  • High heeled boots



First time?  Get $5 off your first class use promo code “First” (Does not apply to $10 class)

Here is what to expect

Sneak Peek Video! (will open on a new page)

wine3First we will start with our “catwalk” (don’t worry I won’t have you singled out in class, this is the name of our warm up to get those legs and arms warm). Now imagine black and white strobe lights while you learn a fun sexy, jazz, modern dance routine and enjoy chocolate and a glass of wine after!  Get ready to get into character, that’s right live out that sexy maid, sexy doctor fantasy here! This is definitely a one of a kind experience that will get you hooked!

This class is a dance theater combination with no dance experience required! Don’t worry you will not be stripping in the class, the only thing to come off is the prop in use. In this series we will begin with the “Art of the Glove”. You will find on this page ideas of different costumes you can wear,  you don’t have to worry about buying anything expensive, just dress sexy and have a great time!  Don’t feel comfortable dressing all out?  That’s fine too some sexy leggings with heels and a cute top works just fine, just be comfortable in your own skin.

Why take a burlesque class?

    • Build confidence
    • Build on your self-esteem
    • Gain performance opportunity
    • Learn dance technique/skills
    • Have a fun girls’ night out.
    • Build upper and lower body strength
    • Bring out your inner Sexy
    • Much more!

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Why Burlesque?  Burlesque is seen by many with different perspectives and sometimes with a bit of ignorance and hatred to those who don’t understand.  My motto is “sexy…..yet classy and elegant”.  We not only bring this to the classroom the main goal of a burlesque workshop is to Empower Women!  Often the media will portray vulgar and even obscene, disrespectful images of women that take away our Power.  There is a powerful seductive sexual energy that women embody and is often mistaken in the media.  The goal is for every woman, no matter the shape, size, or the color of their skin to get in touch with that inner fire, that Kundalini energy while gaining confidence, self-respect, and empowering women to know they have the control and the right to be respected.  We are in a period where more women are voicing their opinion without being hidden like in past ages.  Women are demanding what they rightfully deserve and so we should!

Performance Opportunity

Students have the opportunity to be in a cabaret show! This is not required, so please don’t feel like it is mandatory. We like to give students an opportunity to perform in a show and show off their skills. If you ever wanted to perform before in a show here is your opportunity! Subscribe to the newsletter to find out more information.


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