Gentlemen Only Burlesque Class

LGBT Burlesque Class Saturday, November 12th! 8 -9 pm Don’t miss this fun Class as we jam out to the classic “Thriller” this class if for both men and women!  

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That’s right a burlesque class for men only!  This is the first and only class to offer a class for the men in touched with their feminine energy!  Learn a fun sexy, jazz routine in a safe and comfortable environment.  Go all out with costumes, heels (not required) make- up…..the whole nine!  Invite your friends and make it a fun night out.


You can dress as sexy as you want or as casual its all about you!  Transform yourself!


Costume Parties! Enjoy a Saturday of Costume ideas and make up, students vote on the day they would like to have the costume party!

Schedule: Saturday 8-9 pm, registration required.  There is a 3 sign up minimum or class will be cancelled. Register by the registration deadline.

Next class: LGBT special class Saturday, November 12th! 8-9 pm:  Dress up in your favorite costume as we jam out to “Thriller” with a sexy twist!  Deadline to register Friday, Novemberr 11th by 3 pm This class is for both men and women



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What to expect?

Sneak Peek Video! (Will open on a new page)

wineImagine a sexy fun routine put to black and white strobe lights!  Really get that theater experience in the studio and enjoy a glass of wine and truffles after!  Enjoy a nice “Catwalk” to warm up those legs and arms and release that inner sexy.

Why take a Drag-esque Class?

      • Gain performance opportunity
      • have a great fun night out
      • Costume Parties/gain ideas for your future performance
      • build confidence/ self esteem
      • Be surrounded in a comfortable safe environment
      • learn dance technique/skills


This is the “Art of the Glove ” series so gloves are provided to each student

 Performance Opportunity

Students have the opportunity to be in a Drag show!  This is not required, so please don’t feel like it is mandatory.  We like to give students an opportunity to perform in a show and show off their skills.  If you ever wanted to perform before in a show here is your opportunity!  Subscribe to the newsletter to find out more information.