Pearl Program

What’s a Pearl?


Our Pearl Program is for our volunteers who receive special discounts on classes or free classes!  This is our way of saying thank you for your help. By joining our Pearl Program, you can save over $20 per class!  Don’t forget upon coming to class you also get a pearl choker necklace that you wear in class!


How do you join?

Membership is easy, check out the opportunities below to see how you can join the Pearl Program!  If there are no opportunities listed below then the program is currently closed to new volunteers, however you can join our newsletter and stay up to date on the program’s status!




Volunteer to help set up the table at the studio for classes

This is an ongoing opportunity, if you are available on Saturdays or certain Saturdays of the month you can volunteer here:

Complete the form below if you are available on the following dates (this is updated weekly):

April 30th from 7 pm – 7:15 pm and/or May 7th 7 pm -7:15 pm


For more information on the above please complete the form below and include in the message section:

the date you are available to set up

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Pearl Program