Hello Everyone!  So I recently did a photo shoot and I’m going to place a few of the photos here until the portfolio is complete.  This is a current project that I’m working on and is a way to show how I feel about Mother Earth.  These are just a few I will load the rest on a separate page once everything is final.  Enjoy!


dance pose dance pose counter balance, dance pose dance pose, arbesquedance pose dance pose, arbasque










dance pose



dance pose, tree





aerial, hoop, dance aerial, lyra, hoop, dance aerial,dance SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG aerialprecious

































Just having some fun!
















Photos of the Studio: includes the outside, inside, patio and garden area, and dressing room area!
2013-09-03 18.50.53 2013-09-03 18.29.47 2013-09-03 18.52.43 2013-09-03 18.52.29 2013-09-03 18.55.38 2013-09-03 18.56.06 2013-09-03 18.57.26 2013-09-03 18.53.10 2013-09-03 18.56.52 2013-09-03 18.57.04