Ms. Tonya Productions

Ms. Tonya Productions provides an array of art and entertainment services to the community. Check out how “Buy Me A Coffee” is supporting the artists and small businesses.

“Keepin It Factual”

A One Woman Show Podcast

Ms. Tonya takes on the role of a Lady, Queen, an Empress and a Goddess. Join her as she lures you into the depths of her mind and takes you through the Galaxies!

“Art of the Hat”

Dance Class/Workshop

The Art of the Hat Dance Class is a fun jazzy dance class mastering the art of the Hat! Visit the page for description (due to covid-19, the dance tour is cancelled until further notice, please sign up for the newsletter for updates)

“When Artists Speak”

New Mini Series

Ms. Tonya takes on the role of the Director in this developing new mini series that will support artists! When you participate in “Buy Me A Coffee” you are helping to pay the local artists for their stories!