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Hello everyone. On this page you will find the information for the show and the first episode. On Sunday, August 2nd this page will have it’s own website and premiere our cover art for the Podcast!

Welcome to “Keepin’ It Factual”. A new podcast speaking on THE TRUTH. Ms. Tonya embraces her role as a LADY ( treatment of women), a QUEEN ( war episodes, when to stand up and fight, equality, racism,sexism), an EMPRESS (politics), and a GODDESS (Well you just have to see about these when the Goddess speaks it’s done). Which role/character will you run into today?
A One Woman Show, Ms. Tonya breaks untruths, captivates the mind, stimulates movement, and breaks the captivity of your mind.

Premiere Episode….Keepin’ It Factual…”A Message to a Man.

Taking on the role of a lady, sit back fellows and enjoy a nice quiet storm of conversation between you and Ms. Tonya. As she delivers a special message to the men in the audience. Don’t worry ladies you will enjoy the episode too. What are the Qualities, a Woman desires in a man? What does she see in you? Let’s understand from a lady’s perspective.

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